Helping Tools For Web Development


Helping Tools For Web Development

Monday, November 18th was the 6th KSP brought by Mr. Mikhael Setiawan, S.kom, KSP this time discussing tools that can help us in making a web. "The discussion in this KSP only contains an overview, not all tools will be discussed, if there are others, maybe they can be shared".

"The flow of making a website uses a waterfall pattern. The first is requirement analysis, design, development, testing, maintenance," said Mr. Michael Setiawan while explaining the slides, in the first flow we were introduced to an application called slack. Slack can integrate with other tools, and google too. The second flow is design, in this design it is useful to realize the concept that the client wants.


"Design is a powerful communication to visualize what the client wants, making sure you and the client have the same vision, otherwise it will take a lot of time and effort, especially if you ask to change the whole design," said Mr. We are Balsamiq, one of the examples, then for database design we can use the tools and the next flow is development, the tools that can be given to KSP this time are visual studio code because according to Mr. Michael it has many extensions that we can use

And the last line is Maintenance, Mr. Michael said "Make sure you know what to maintain before the client notifies you", in this flow there are also tools that we can use, namely Error Reporting, RollBar.

And finally Mr. Michael said we had to work collaboratively "Because working together is better than being single", in working together there are tools that we can use, namely GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket.