Digital Illustration: Studying Human Gesture


Digital Illustration: Studying Human Gesture

Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) Season 8 Episode 6 was held by ISTTS on Wednesday, March 17, 2021. Episode 4 of this KSP has the theme "Digital Illustration: Studying Human Gesture". The speaker who brought this KSP was Sonny Kusumasmoro, a freelancer illustrator and also a teacher at Creativo School.



At the beginning of the material, Mr. Sonny explained the meaning of illustration. Illustration is a media for visual story telling in the form of pictures. Illustrations can tell about images, events, emotions, and other abstract concepts. To draw an illustration, there are several elements that complement it, namely: concept, angle (camera angle), color, lighting, and gesture. On this occasion, Pak Sonny's explanation was more pressing on gestures.


Gesture aims to show the story or emotion of an image. Pak Sonny provides illustrative examples and explains the meaning of the images through their gestures. For example, a character's gesture on alert tells that the character has warrior or warrior characteristics.



Before starting to draw gestures, we need to understand the basic anatomy, proportions and the meaning of 3 dimensions. There are 4 basic steps in drawing a gesture, namely drawing a figure, flexing it using curved lines, drawing torque and using a line of action to emphasize the character. We can learn to draw gestures from various references or from finished works. The conclusion that Mr. Sonny gave about tips on drawing gestures is importance, how to improve, and have fun.


The webinar was then followed by a question and answer session regarding the depiction of gestures and ended with a group photo and filling out the attendance and questionnaire given by the committee.



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