Financial Planning


For ISTTS, the pandemic is not an obstacle to work. ISTTS continues to hold webinars to provide knowledge to students and external participants for free through the KSP program. In KSP Season 11 Episode 1, the theme given is aimed at helping participants in doing financial planning. Of course, this theme was brought by an expert, namely Dr. Hartarto Junaedi, S. Kom. , M. Kom. who also serves as Head of the Business Information Systems Study Program at ISTTS Surabaya. This episode is very special because it is his own research and experience.

According to the speaker who is familiarly called 'Pak Jun', everyone must have a different goal. It is undeniable, surely everyone wants to be successful. Although everyone's definition of success is different, the thing that supports the definition of success is financial. He added, money is not everything but with money, everything we can do easily.

"Nothing is certain in this world except death and taxes" - Benjamin Franklin. Mr. Jun explains that this quote shows that one's success is unpredictable. So, while young we can prepare for that success because no one can claim that we will fail. In preparing for success, we need financial planning, where financial planning is a commitment to managing a number of funds at this time with the hope of obtaining a number of benefits in the future. Its essence is reducing current consumption and planning future consumption.

In doing financial planning, we can adhere to the concept of Equilibrium, which is a balance between income and expenses by utilizing financial planner application technology. In addition, we can also reduce consumption and increase investment. There are several ways to do this, namely real business, property investment, deposits, gold, mutual funds, stocks, forex, and insurance.

Talking about gold, gold is one of the easy and accessible assets for students. We can use pawnshops to save gold and buy at various e-commerce sites, such as shopee and tokopedia. He also provides a chart of gold which is up 500% from 20 years ago. This is because gold is a natural resource that we cannot make ourselves and must be taken from the bowels of the earth.

To summarize the entire series of webinars, Mr. Jun also gave advice to the participants, namely, set your goals, also determine your instruments, research, invest and share. This advice is of course based on the experience of Mr. Jun himself. He admitted that investing his money in stocks, mutual funds, insurance, property, and not only in one place.

This webinar closed with a question and answer session. Unusually, there is an alumni named Jeddika who joins the webinar and asks questions about which one is better, stocks or mutual funds. Mr. Jun answered this question swiftly. He explained that mutual funds are the second recommendation after gold. They are investment managers who can help us in making investments, so it's great for people who are just learning the basics of stocks et al.

After the question and answer session, participants did a final absence and took a group photo. At the end, participants were invited to always have a positive mindset and prepare for a better future to finally achieve financial freedom. Let's start investing now!