How to get a Master's Scholarship during COVID 19


How to get a Master's Scholarship during COVID 19

KSP Season 12 Ep 5:

How to Get a Master's Scholarship During COVID-19


Photographer: Jestine Siewij

Writer: Jestine Siewij

Episode 5 of KSP season 12 has the theme "Overseas Alumni: Inspire Success". This webinar has the title How to Get a Master's Scholarship During COVID-19 and is hosted by Timothy Kuncoro, S.Kom., who is a graduate of S1 Informatics Engineering at ISTTS. He has 1 year of work experience in Surabaya and 1.5 years in Jakarta before continuing his master's studies in Taiwan.

Before starting his webinar, he gave a message to the participants not to be afraid of language disabilities. "As long as you have the intention, don't be afraid you can't," said Timothy. The scholarships received by Timothy are scholarships from the campus directly, not from the government. For those who want to seek scholarships from the government, you can check the link

Timothy himself received a scholarship from NTUST, one of the leading universities in Taiwan. To continue studying abroad, especially in Taiwan, there are several steps that must be carried out, as follows.

     1. Looking for campus

Timothy advised the participants to look for a campus that has the word “national” because it is a state campus. Scholarships obtained at private campuses are fewer and not the same as public universities. For more information, see the link in the OIA (Office of International Affairs) section.

     2.Choose a major

After finding the campus you want to register with, the next step is to choose a major. There are 6 faculties at NTUST. ISTTS students are advised to take one of the 3 faculties, namely the School of Management, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and the College of Design. For more information, please check

Furthermore, to register with NTUST is quite easy. The registration can be seen at, where all information is clearly stated. The link also provides guidelines that cover all information related to registration with NTUST.

There are many types of scholarships offered by NTUST, which can be seen at the link For postgraduate and doctoral scholarships, there are 3 types of scholarships that can be obtained, namely: Tuition and Fees Waiver; Partial Scholarships; and Full Scholarships. Timothy also gave tips on how to get a scholarship at NTUST. The scholarship system at the campus uses a ranking system. The higher the registrant's rank, the registrant can get a better and bigger scholarship. Therefore, we must give our best when applying for scholarships to get more plus points.

Timothy then gave a video celebrating the new year in Taiwan. He advised the participants not to just focus too much on studying, but also to be able to balance life with the surroundings, such as traveling and refreshing. For participants who are still confused about registering for Masters in Taiwan, you can try searching on Google with the keyword "TEC Indonesia". The agency can also help with registration and so on. Today's KSP was closed with a question and answer session by participants and speakers, and the KSP committee took a group photo and distributed attendance links.