IT learning experience at a Dutch University


IT learning experience at a Dutch University

KSP Season 12 episode 6:

IT Learning Experience at a Dutch University


Photographer: Winda AU

Writer: Winda AU

Who is not interested in the opportunity to study abroad? Knowledge, experience and diplomas from abroad will of course be a tantalizing experience and plus when entering the world of work. The last episode of this season's KSP was brought by Mr. Albert Maarpi who is an alumni of BIT (Bachelor of IT) class 2018 at Fontys University located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Albert studied at ISTTS before transferring to Fontys University to continue his studies. In addition to collaborating with campuses in the Netherlands, ISTTS also collaborates with several other well-known campuses in Australia, Korea and Singapore.

Albert said that he and his friend decided to continue their studies at Fontys University due to the cheaper cost of living and the shorter duration of study, which is 1 year compared to other options which require 2 years to graduate. While studying at Fontys, there is an application to view the courses and assignments given. Because when Albert was studying during the pandemic, lectures were held online using Microsoft Teams.

"You have to be more independent. After being given an assignment, I immediately did it myself," said Albert when asked what the difference was between studying at ISTTS and at Fontys, "Talking to the lecturers there is a bit more awkward but from my experience, they are actually happy if you dare to ask because they are considered to want to learn. ," he added. Albert also told us that we don't need to be afraid of ourselves because there are organizations such as the Indonesian Student Association that can help students with their studies/life there.

For transportation, the most commonly used in the Netherlands is a bicycle. Electric bicycles, buses and trains are also available for rent. Usually buses are used for trips that are located some distance away or when carrying a lot of goods, while trains are used for travel between cities. The cost of living required varies depending on the lifestyle and place of residence chosen. There is a special boarding house for Fontys students (student housing) which is specifically for new students / newcomers.

As a graduation requirement, final semester students need to do an internship at the company, submit reports and make presentations about what was done during the internship period of 1 semester (6 months). For internships, you can usually search on LinkedIn or the FHICT Internship System website provided by Fontys University to find internships. “Many companies are collaborating with Fontys to find interns there,” said Albert.

Thank you Albert for the sharing! Hopefully, internal and external participants who attend this seminar can gain insight into lectures abroad and also the double degree program offered by ISTTS.