Getting Overseas Art Gigs from Your Bedroom


Getting Overseas Art Gigs from Your Bedroom

After running for 13 seasons, ISTTS decided to make the Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) season 14 different from the previous season by presenting seminars by visiting various high schools.

This time, Vincensius Calvin was given the opportunity to be a representative of the Visual Communication Design (DKV) department to present a seminar entitled "Getting Overseas Art Gigs from Your Bedroom" to Mawar Sharon Christian Highschool students. This seminar will be held on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 07.45 WIB.

The seminar is divided into two sessions, namely material and workshop. In accordance with the title of the material, there are three important points that Calvin emphasizes in the material. First, Calvin shared his two years of experience in the international-based freelancing industry, where the majority of clients come from Australia, America to Canada. Second, Calvin also explained what the job of an Illustrator really is, and what distinguishes an illustrator from a fine artist and graphic designer, because often the general public doesn't fully understand that the work of an illustrator is different from that of a graphic designer or fine artist. Finally, Calvin also provides tips and tricks for those who want to enter the world of illustration by providing a fundamental breakdown of what they should learn so that the resulting work has a great chance of attracting the attention of clients.