Welcome to the New Normal

KSP has returned with a new theme: Welcome to the New Normal. In this season, we have speakers that are as fun and as cool as the previous to share their knowledge and experience. There is also a lot of topics that this KSP season has brought that are as interesting, if not more than the previous seasons, so what are you waiting for? Join as a participant now and learn new things!!

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Photography isn't just about Recording

Yulius Widi Nugroho, S.Sn. M.Si.

Did friends know that in Photography, isn't only about using the appropriate techniques to capture a picture in a lens? A lot of factors are needed to be put into consideration when taking a picture or video, what are those factors? Find out in this KSP episode!

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Tips On Designing An Interesting and Unique Packaging

Yohanes Firananta, S.T., M.M.

To create an ordinary and simple packaging is easy and doable by a lot of people out there. But is making a packaging that is eye-catching and different from what they are used to look like is easy? Find out the tips that you need to know about designing a package that is interesting in this episode of KSP!

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Why Engineers Should Practice Public Speaking

Dr. Jenny Ngo

Someone can study and do their assignments really well, but does that mean that person can speak well in public? A lot of people struggle when they had to talk in front of an audience. In this episode of KSP, we will find out the reason why is it a good reason to learn public speaking.

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Getting to Know the Various Types and Forms of Children's Books

Naafi Nur Rohma, S.Sn., M.Sn.

A lot of people do not know the various types of books that's meant for children. In this episode of KSP, we will discuss the various types and forms of children's storybooks.

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Chart vs Graph: Visualization That Best Suits Your Data

Dr. Ir. Fransisca H. Chandra, M.T.

In the event of when we want to visualize our data, the majority often choose to represent it in charts or graphs. But in that moment we choose one of those options, is it truly the most suitable visualization that is suitable for the data they represent? Find out in this episode of KSP!

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Problem Solving With Design Thinking

Kelvin, S.T., M.M.

People often had difficulties to solve a problem. That difficulty may be caused by the wrong mindset and often times with the wrong and unorganized approach. In this episode of KSP, we will discuss one technique that can be used at problem solving.

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