ISTTS once again held a KSP Season 6 seminar entitled "Teach A Computer to Play A Game". The 9th episode of KSP was delivered by Mr. Reddy Alexandro Harianto., S.Kom., M.Kom. He is a lecturer at the ISTTS S1 Informatics Engineering. The seminar, which was held on Thursday, July 23, 2020, was opened for internal and external participants through the zoom and live streaming platform on YouTube. Mr. Reddy opened the KSP with self introduction then continued by explaining the material about Machine Learning.

Before discussing more about AI and Machine Learning, have you ever thought why computers are smarter than humans? Why can robots work like humans? So what exactly are AI and Machine Learning? In today's digital era, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become something that is very influential in human work. Likewise with Machine Learning, this is because Machine Learning is a part of AI that allows computers to learn a number of data so that it can produce a model to carry out the input output process without using explicit program code. This process uses a special algorithm called machine learning algorithms. The way Machine Learning works is that we provide an example of variation and later the machine will find its own way of doing things. So all we have to do is give an example, later the computer will analyze itself.

Thus, it can be concluded that AI technology can be said to be intelligent and may even exceed intelligence in general. But we must remember one thing that humans created this technology. Indeed, with this technology, human life becomes easier and more practical, but that doesn't mean we are too dependent on this technology. We are the ones who rule them and not those who rule us.

Mr. Reddy also shared a demo to make a Pacman game with Machine Learning. Not to forget, he also gave tips for recognizing an algorithm that fits the program we created first before using it. Apart from that, reading people's journals also helps us in choosing the right algorithm.

The seminar was then continued with a question and answer session between the KSP participants and the resource persons. Then it ends with a group photo and filling out a questionnaire along with attendance for participants who have taken the KSP.

Source : https://istts.ac.id/berita/Vr38QnO1YO-TEACH_A_COMPUTER_TO_PLAY_A_GAME