How To Make Your Own 2D Platformer Game


How To Make Your Own 2D Platformer Game

In KSP season 9 episode 6 this time the title "How to Make Your Own 2D Platformer Game" presented by Herman Thuan To Saurik, S.Kom., M.T. He is one of the lecturers at our ISTTS campus. At the beginning of the seminar, he shared his experiences and what software is used to make games. He made a suggestion to use the "Unity" software version 2019.4.26. He did not recommend using the latest version because he thought the latest version was not stable.



Then during the seminar he did "Live Coding" to make the game. Bapak also informed the participants which software was used to retrieve some assets. What are assets? Assets are all data requirements that will later be used in the game. The Unity software used already provides an asset store that can be downloaded for free to produce games with designs that have been provided. We can also provide sounds or even videos to use in the game that we are going to make.



After the introduction, he shows what steps will be taken when he makes this game. The steps are preparing the asset requirements, placing the asset into the scene, placing the object, recognizing the sequence layer, placing the Collider and Rigitbody (the components we use to create a character or world that can be used as examples, for example creating gravity on objects), and last is scripting. Then with Live Coding done by him. All the details and steps from assets to scripting during this KSP. For scripting he has prepared a command block for the player. Starting from Awake, On Enable, Start, Fixed Update, Update, Late Update, On Disable, and the last is the On Destroy command. Then at the end of the seminar an attendance session was held but unfortunately there was no question and answer session, because time had run out.