KSP Goes To School with SMK Petra and SMA Mawar Sharon


KSP Goes To School with SMK Petra and SMA Mawar Sharon

In this KSP season, I Ian Nathaneil William presented material representing the Informatics Engineering department from ISTTS with the theme A Quick Guide in Learning Computer Programming. The first seminar was located at SMK Petra on March 15, 2023 at 9:00 am to 10:40 am. The second seminar was held at SMA Mawar Sharon from 8:00 am to 10:40 am.

In the first seminar, I was accompanied by Ms. Jenny and Ms. Yanti from the start to the end of the event. At the beginning of the event, Ms. Yanti opened the event by presenting material from PMB, making introductions and explaining about ISTTS briefly. After finishing the presentation, I then continued by presenting my presentation on A Quick Guide in Learning Computer Programming to the audience who were the 12th grade students of SMK Petra. SMK Petra's 12th graders had already learned about Python programming, which made it easier for me to explain programming in general. At the beginning of the material, I gave a little history about the origin of computers and stories about the first programmers in the world. Then I transitioned to programming that exists in modern times, namely the 21st century. There, I explained about what we need to learn about programming apart from the programming language used in programming. I also touched on higher concepts such as algorithms and data structures, as well as object-oriented programming to introduce to the audience. At the end of the material, I demonstrated the programs that I have created while studying at ISTTS starting from semester 1 to semester 5. The audience at SMK Petra seemed to pay attention and enthusiastic about the material.

In the second seminar, I was accompanied by Ms. Jenny and Ms. Lucy from the start of the event until the end. The audience at SMA Mawar Sharon were all 10th grade high school students, and after my presentation, they were joined by 11th grade high school students who had previously been unable to attend. At the beginning of the event, Ms. Lucy would open the event like Ms. Yanti did in the first seminar, followed by my presentation which was the same as the first seminar. During the presentation, I learned that the majority of the audience had never understood or tried programming, so my material was something new to them. Just like the first seminar, at the end of this material I demoed a few programs that I had created.