KSP Goes to School with SMA Mawar Sharon


KSP Goes to School with SMA Mawar Sharon

On this occasion, I Michael Kevin Wijaya representing the Business Information Systems major from ISTTS presented a seminar entitled Create Your Own World with Blender 3D. This seminar was held on Friday, March 17, 2023.

During the seminar, Ms. Jenny and Ms. Lucy accompanied me and Ian who presented the seminar on that day. This seminar opened with an introduction from PMB about the majors and majors at ISTTS, then continued with Ian with the material entitled A Quick Guide in Learning Computer Programming.

In the next session, I introduced the KSP participants to the concept of 3D. They were quite enthusiastic about the 3D concept and some already knew what 3D was. During the session, I explained while interacting with the participants through questions and answers. Not only about the concept of 3D, I also told them what tools can be used to create their own 3D models. After I explained the tools used, I immediately invited them to get hands on using the Blender application.