KSP Goes To Schools III: Upgrade Your Knowledge And Skills

KSP returns with the theme of KSP Goes To Schools III: Upgrade Your Knowledge And Skills, where KSP attends high schools as well as vocational high schools to expand the knowledge of students.

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Introduction To Programming For Beginners

Fransiscus Xaverius

In this rapidly evolving digital age, programming has become a very important soft-skill that has a profound impact on various aspects of modern life. However, many young people do not understand how to start learning programming. In fact, learning programming is quite easy if we have a good understanding of the concepts and problem-solving skills.

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Words to Visual, Unleash Your Character!

Kezia Abigail

With the uniqueness that exists in each person's personality, it is possible for all of us to create an IP Character. In this world, the art that we produce can have benefits for the wider community from the creativity of a human being who has no limits.

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Paper Circuits: When Electronics Meets Art!

Josephine Dermawan

Electronics is the secret ingredient that can make things "come alive". Meet "Paper Circuits", which we can use to create beautiful things using electronics!

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The Power Of Imagination

Raphael Kevin Nazario

Technological advancements exist because of human needs. Human needs exist because of the problems that arise. Problems that arise can be solved because of imagination. Human imagination is the most important weapon that everyone has. Here your imagination will be developed without limits so that it can be realized.

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