Words to Visual, Unleash Your Character!

Words to Visual, Unleash Your Character!

When people hear the word "Pokemon" what comes to mind first? Most would answer "Pikachu." Next, what comes to mind when people hear the word "Disney"? Of course there are many, ranging from Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Mulan, Raya, Moana, and many more. One thing they all have in common is characters. Whether it's Disney or Pokemon, they have so many characters that stick in people's minds, and these characters often reflect what makes each industry unique and what sets them apart from others. These characters have the term IP or Intellectual Property.

Based on the definition of the World Intellectual Property Organization, intellectual property is a form of copyrighted work such as literature, art, and design that is used for commercial purposes. IP in the form of characters / IP Character is intellectual property in the form of character designs / characters that come from the results of human imagination, which means that the characters as in the example above, were born from the mind of a human being. Character IP is a valuable asset because its main value is in intellectual property. It is not uncommon for characters that may look simple to also have high commercial value such as Tahilalats and SiNopal.

With the uniqueness that exists in each person's personality, it is possible for all of us to create an IP Character. In this world, the art that we produce can have benefits for the wider community from the creativity of a human being who has no limits.


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