KSP Goes To Schools II

In this season of KSP, KSP is back by presenting seminars for high school students. Bringing speakers who are students from various majors, they will present what they have learned while being a college student.

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A Quick Guide in Learning Computer Programming

Ian Nathaneil William

Many young people in this modern world are interested in computers, but when they want to learn more about computers, especially about programming, many are confused. Learning to program is not that difficult as long as it has clear directions and goals.

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Become a better designer in less than an hour

Kelso Lineus

Design is everywhere; around us all. Believe it or not, everyone can be a designer, even YOU reading this description can! The key is one: design sense. We will learn the basics of design along with some important tips based on experience, then practice design on the spot.

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Create Your Own World with Blender

Michael Kevin Wijaya

Many people are amazed when they see a 3D design and think how hard it is to make it. In fact, creating a 3D illustration is very easy, it only requires imagination and proper execution.

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Introduction to Metaverse

Leonardo Cokrominoto

Along with the development of history, the metaverse is one of the most developed technologies and not many people know this. We will learn and get to know the metaverse from many perspectives such as the metaverse for playing up to the metaverse that can make money.

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